Certification Mark Use Policy

MQA grants permission to use the MQA Certification Mark to MQA Certified organizations only. This mark may be used on its own or in combination with the Accreditation Mark which appears on the management system certificate issued to the Customer by MQA. Each MQA Certified organization is authorized to use only the certification mark which represents the appropriate certification given to respective organization.

It is a good marketing tool to promote the overall organization’s performance of the respective management system and MQA encourage their Customers to use it fully. MQA team will assist with any queries relating to displaying the MQA Certification Mark.

Each MQA Certified organization may use the appropriate MQA Certification Mark on/in Business Cards, Email Signatures, Website, Brochures, Marketing Literature, Internal Communications, Social Media, Annual Reports & Press Releases.

Permission to use the MQA Certification Mark is limited to the MQA Certified Organization, and shall not be transferred to, assigned to, or otherwise used by any other organization or entity.

Following receipt of information that an inappropriate or unauthorized use of the MQA Certification Mark may have occurred, MQA will determine if responsive action(s) will be taken, including the following:
  • The unauthorized mark use will be reviewed.
  • If a policy violation may have occurred, MQA shall communicate to the organization involved, requesting that they stop the unauthorized use.
  • If the policy violation is not corrected, appropriate legal actions shall be taken.
The respective organization shall not use the certification mark(s) provided by MQA in such a manner that would bring MQA, and/or the Accreditation Body or, and/or the certification system into disrepute and lose public trust, and shall not make any statement regarding its product certification that MQA may consider to be misleading or unauthorized so don't display the MQA Certification Mark on a product or it's packaging as this will imply the product has been tested by MQA.

Upon a reduction of the scope of certification or withdrawal or termination of its certification, the respective organization shall amend or discontinue all advertising material referring to its certification.

Certification Marks

Few MQA Certification Marks are mentioned below for reference which will be issued by MQA to the MQA Certified Organizations with their respective Certificate #:
  • Quality Management System Certificate #
  • Environment Management System Certificate #
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certificate #
  • Information Security Management System Certificate #
  • IT Service Management System Certificate #
  • Business Continuity Management System Certificate #