MQA Accreditations

Accreditation refers to an independent & impartial attestation of the activities of a certification body to ensure the certification body’s competence, credibility, independence, and integrity in carrying out its assessment activities. As per ISO/ IEC 17000:2020, the formal definition of Accreditation is “third-party attestation related to a conformity assessment body, conveying formal demonstration of its competence, impartiality and consistent operation in performing specific conformity assessment activities”. In a simple way we can say that Accreditation Bodies audit the certification Bodies as per the specific ISO standard’s requirements and once accredited the certification Bodies then certification Bodies are performing third parties audits for different types of organizations in the world and issue certificates of registration. MQA understands the value of the accreditation process and that's why it's our company policy to achieve various accreditations for related services wherever possible.

Benefits of Accreditation

Accreditation is very important for us which delivers several benefits that enhance confidence in the assessment process. Some of those benefits are listed below:
  • Increased International Recognition:
    After getting the stamp of accreditation bodies on our certificates, the probability of getting entry into overseas markets is high as certificates issued by accredited bodies are recognized and accepted throughout the world.
  • Increased Independence
    Accreditation emphasizes the independence of the conformity assessment body in performing its assessment.
  • Standardized Performance
    Regular assessments of our system by the accreditation bodies allow us to determine whether we are performing the assessment activities correctly and to appropriate standards or if is there any chance of improvement.
  • Acts as a Symbol of Competency
    Accreditation Bodies operates as a third-party assessor which is recognized around the world as the highest level of assessment, and our accreditation demonstrates that our services are meeting the highest levels of professionalism in the industry.
  • Increased Business Opportunities
    Accreditation increases the trust among customers in all industries which leads to more client databases.
  • Validation of Our Competence
    By meeting the accreditation bodies’ policies and procedures on a regular basis we validate our competence in performing assessment activities.