Legal Notes

MQA and MQA Certification refer to the global network of member firms of MQA International Limited, each of which is a separate and independent legal entity.

MQA International Limited is an English company and registered in England and Wales. The Company number is 13125209 and our Registered office address is 20-22 Wenlock Road, N1 7GU London, United Kingdom. MQA International Ltd. provides no professional services to clients. Services are delivered regionally and nationally by the member firms of the MQA network. Each member firm associated with MQA International Ltd. is a separate and independent legal entity and each describes itself as such.

MQA member firms are not members of one international partnership or otherwise legal partners with each other, nor is any one firm responsible for the services or activities of any other. Although some firms carry the MQA name, there is no common ownership among the firms or by MQA International Ltd.

Member firms associated with MQA International is not MQA International’s agent and does not have the authority to bind MQA International or act on MQA International’s behalf. Each member firm is organized under the laws of the territory in which it operates. Each firm is committed to achieving the highest level of quality within its respective marketplace and to striving for consistency in service quality and delivery across the globe by co-operating with other members of the network. However, in most parts of the world, the practice of trainings and auditing is governed by local laws and regulations which determine professional standards, qualifications and relationships between professionals and reporting entities, and it is influenced by local business practices and cultural attitudes.

Neither MQA International, nor any of the other member firms of MQA International has any liability for each other’s acts or omissions. The name MQA and its associated logo and MQA Certification Tagline i.e. Delivering Excellence and Excellence Delivered is used by member firms of MQA under license from MQA International Limited.

MQA International Limited is the owner of the registered trademark for the name MQA, associated logo and the MQA Certification Tagline.

We have below companies under the license of MQA International Ltd. who may sign the contracts with clients in their region as needed:

ü    MQA Certification UK Ltd, UK
ü    Multinational Quality Assurance UK Ltd, UK
ü    MQA Certification Uganda Ltd, Uganda
ü    MQA Certification Services LLP, India 
ü    MQA Certification Egypt Ltd, Egypt
ü    MQA Certification Pvt. Ltd, Pakistan
ü    MQA Certification SU, LDA, Mozambique
ü    Global Certification & Accreditation Partner Pte. Ltd., Singapore
ü    UKC Vietnam Co. Ltd, Vietnam